Portraits by Reed Chappell New Orleans
I found the pic I'd taken of your work from 2003, which I'm including here. I recall that you were able to pair up my sister Pat & our late mother, Irma, from a few photos I'd found. I knew I would be pleased with the results, having glimpsed some of your fine work here in the Marigny, yet I was not prepared for my first view of your accomplishments. You were kind enough to bring it over to me at work... as you held it open for me to view, I burst into tears! You had captured Mom... all the love and light and life she was to me, alongside my sister Pat, whom I absolutely adore! Reed, I truly appreciate your talent, this portrait has pride of place in my sister's home. Looking at this exceptional portrait of two of my favorite ladies in this lifetime... I considered keeping it for myself for a brief moment, but love isn't love until you give it away!

Many, many thanks... long may you run!

Steve Ortis
Portraits by Reed Chappell New Orleans
More than providing an extra-ordinary likeness in terms of appearance, Ellis and Reed inimitably capture the spirit and personality of their subjects. There is a uniquely genuine element to their painting that commands the attention of the viewer and, most impressively, is invariably pleasing to the eyes of the subjects themselves.

There isn't a person who enters my living room without remarking on my portrait of Caroline and David. Friends, strangers, and even the occasional unforgiving critic are drawn to the painting's warmth and relaxed authenticity. It has an ageless quality that is difficult to articulate... Somehow, when I glance up at my wall, the Caroline and David in that portrait - though quite changed physically after five years -look just like the Caroline and David that will walk through my doors later this afternoon.

Heather Zimmer

Portraits by Reed Chappell New Orleans
Dear Reed,

Thank you for all of your efforts in completing my father's portrait. My dad is 82 years old, and thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with you. The painting now hangs in the entry foyer of our antebellum home in Picayune, Mississippi . My dad enjoys the honor of your painting of him every time he walks into the house. Thank you for such a fine painting.



Gerald J. Nielsen
Nielsen Law Firm, L.L.C.
Portraits by Reed Chappell New Orleans
The portrait Reed and Ellis painted of my two daughters, Taylor and Bronwyn, and their dog is a real family heirloom. Not only are their features, but also their personality, captured in the painting. The painting is even more special because Taylor died a few years after her portrait was painted. We also treasure the black and white photos taken for reference. The painting is the focal point of my formal living room. Now we look forward to having our son, Zack's, portrait painted as well. Another family heirloom.

Word Backstrom

Portraits by Reed Chappell New Orleans
I wanted to write about Reed and Ellis Chappell's work and their working professionalism. I have purchased a total of four paintings from them and have recommended them to numerous people. They have done two for me which I purchased strictly on an artistic basis and two of them are portraits. I truly enjoy working with them and will continue collecting their works as often as I can. The range and scope of their talent is truly amazing.

Linda Friedlander
Objets Trouvés Gallery