Custom Portrait Pricing

Oil, charcoal, and pencil portraits will vary in price generally according to the size and complexity of the desired portrait image. Pricing is determined specifically by the amount of detail desired for the individual portrayed in the portrait (ranging from a head study to a full size, full body portrait), this also includes complexity of the background imagery - whether the background is complex and detailed, loosely indicated, or a simple artistic textured background. Shipping costs (if needed) are not included in these rates but will be included in the bill.

Generally, a downpayment of one third of the decided price is required to secure a place ahead of other commissions (particularly if a specific deadline is required such as for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions). All deposits are non-refundable. Remaining costs can be paid in one or two installments but will be due upon completion and approval of the finished work. Approval and payment may be done either in person or by email if the artwork is to be shipped.

Click on each heading below to view pricing.

Oil Paintings

1 subject - $2000 to $5000
each additional person add - $600 to $1000

Pencil Portraits

1 subject - $350
each additional person add - $150

Charcoal Portraits

1 subject - $400 to $600
each additional person add - $200
Contact us through email or by phone before making a payment or downpayment to ensure a correct total. To make a payment, please click on the PayPal icon below. You will be taken to a separate PayPal window, from there type in the total you have confirmed with us and hit enter.

If you do not have a PayPal account, go to the same secure PayPal page through the PayPal link, type in the specified amount (hit enter), and you will have the option of paying either through credit or debit card.


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